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The press said

"And what a blessing it was to have a hero Prince (Danish actor and singer Christian Lund) who not only looks gorgeous, but understands the meaning of panto and has the most beautiful speaking and singing voice"
Heather Jan Brunt, The Bucks Herald (December 2013)
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"Prince Antonio, played by Christian Lund, also impresses with his smooth vocal talents."
4****, Reviewed by Suzanne Mayer, West End Frame (December 2013)
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"Christian Lund makes a fun character of the cheesy first lover."
CPH Culture (Februar 2013)

"Christian Lund has the perfect Colgate smile for the young cheesy lover."
Henrik Lyding, JP (Februar 2013)

"Christian Lund performed ‘Unexpressed’ & later ‘Better Than I’ (arguably Bucchino’s most well known song) with wonderful stillness & thought."
* * * * * 5 star review for John Buccino & Friends from Leon Paul, The Public Reviews
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"Popular Danish musical theatre performer Christian Lund, who is currently working on a new musical with Bucchino, revealed a strong stage presence during a rendition of the imploring ‘Better Than I’"
Fiona-Jane Weston, Musical Theatre Review (2013)
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"A new discovery for me, was Christian Lund, currently working on the composer's musical Esaura in Denmark. Like a juicy slice of Danish bacon in a full English, Lund's soothing vocals added the perfect accompaniment to the wealth of British talent supporting the American artist and he's no doubt one to watch for the future."
Melissa Rynn reviews John Bucchino and Friends at the Studio in St James Theatre. November 2012. (2013)
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"Tony is played excellently by Christian Lund, who delivers a credible and impressive interpretation effort in both singing and acting. It's not everybody in Denmark, who can sing the song "Maria". At least not as beautiful and convincing as you can experience it in Silkeborg right now."
5 out of 6 ☆☆☆☆☆ from Trine Wøldiche for Kultunaut, October 22, 2012.
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"Christian Lund (Tony) og (red: Maria) are stunning and at the highest level of credibility in the parts of West Side Story's answer to Romeo and Juliet. Their singing is fantastic ...very intense and beautiful scenes between the young lovers."
5 af 6 ☆☆☆☆☆ Christian Kloch Larsen. October 22, 2012

”Christian Lund is both elegant and dignified in the part as Black… His voice has a wonderful musical theatre suitable tone…” (Translated)
Vaar Maria Channell, Teaterkalenderen, September 2008

”The young talent Christian Lund as Mr. Black has a remarkable beautiful and mild voice.“ (Translated)
Hanne Ryborg og John Bruun,, September 2008

”...Queenie is hitting on the newly arrived alpha-male well-sung by Christian Lund recently educated at The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre.” (Translated)
Henrik Lyding,, September 2008.

”…Several songs stay in your head a long time after the curtain has gone down. For an example the ballads “Poor Child” and “A Gal For Me”.” (Translated)
Jan Olsson, www.skå, September 2008

"The groom, Sky, is played by Christian Lund – and he does a great job. He is further more both sweet and charming, as well fit – so there is also something to look at." ☆☆☆☆☆
Out and About, October 2010

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